How it works

Our concierge service is a separate service we are offering in addition to the On Demand service. As a physician, I think the value of a ‘medical home’ is immense. A medical home is the place where you identify your primary care physician, have a team of people who help you navigate the medical system, and lead you and your family to your best health, not just treating illnesses when they occur.

If you choose My Doc as your medical home, you will have a comprehensive one hour physical annually or on the recommended schedule for kids, that will include an overview of any current illnesses, medications and treatments, but also extensive preventive medicine information that will be tailored to your specific needs. If you have questions about healthy diet and exercise, then we can work on that. We will discuss safety, injury prevention, mental health, social effects on health, or any other areas of concern to focus on the areas that will benefit you the most. Then we can continue to follow this plan at regular intervals to ensure you are staying on track.


$100/mo for first family member

($125/mo from birth – 18 months)

10% off for 2nd family member

$0 for 3rd/4th, restarts at $100 for 5th