My name is Joel Richards and I was born and raised in Houston, TX. I joined the Marine Corps just after high school and served four years in the infantry. After my discharge, I went to school at Texas A&M and graduated in 2001. During school, I waited tables at Cafe Eccell (off of Church Street at the time) and met Erin (class of 2001). I fooled her into marrying me in May of 2003. We then moved off to Ft. Worth, TX for medical school at UNT Health Science Center. We really liked it there and had our first kid, a daughter while in our second year of school.

After graduation, we moved to Tyler, TX for Family Medicine Residency at UT Tyler. We lived here for 3 years until graduation in 2011. We had our second daughter while in Tyler as well. I was able to do a lot of Emergency Medicine during residency and really enjoyed it. I also was able to do some moonlighting as well in multiple small town Emergency Rooms all over East Texas. That was interesting to say the least!

After graduation, a job presented itself in College Station. We had never really thought about living in College Station but decided to try it out. We both have family in the Houston area so it was close, but not to close if you know what I mean. We really have loved living here and definitely consider this home. We had our third, and last (trust me on this one), a couple of months after moving here (boy this time). I have been fortunate to work at many Emergency Rooms over the last several years including ones in this town and in the Houston area.

I am extremely excited to start doc as it is an idea I have had for some time. The opportunity to provide quality, reasonable health care at the patients’ convenience is something people deserve in this community. I am happy doc can provide this!