“As an RN, I have worked with Dr.  Joel Richards in an emergency care setting and can first hand tell you what a compassionate, caring physician he is.  I have witnessed time and time again the compassion, the patience, and the time he takes with each patient (and their family if relevant) making sure that they understand what is wrong with them and what the plan of care is for them.

Dr Richards has strong ties to our community and is a family man.  He treats not only every patient with the utmost respect, but also staff. This to me says a lot about his character and I would trust him with not only my life, but my family’s. In other words, one could not pick a better physician for their healthcare needs.”

Teri,  R.N.


” We have a 2 week old and Dr. Sara has been here twice and is officially her pediatrician. She’s wonderful and takes her time with us and with our baby girl. Today is cold, rainy, and it’s the beginning of flu season. Wait rooms are not where we want to be and I’m so thankful we don’t have to! I would recommend My Doc over and over!”

Patient Review


“Best of the best ! This is a game changer in our lives ! Who wants to go to the doctor with all the other sick and contiguous people along with you possibly getting some one else sick. We are huge fans and recommend this to all our people” ❤️🤗🙏😃

Patient Review


“My other kids ate breakfast in their pjs while Dr. Sultz checked out the sick one. I didn’t have to get three toddlers up and dressed/find childcare/wrangle them at the office. GAMECHANGER “

Patient Review


“I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Richards and can honestly say he is one of the most personable and professional doctors I’ve every worked with.  He’s easy to talk to, really listens to his patients and doesn’t make you feel like you’re just another number, he genuinely cares about you and wants to help. I have referred friends to him knowing they’ll get the best care, and I go to him myself.  He’s a great person, very family oriented and I feel safe having him in my home.”

Raychel,  R.N.


“Dr Joel has treated my whole family. My husband & I, our grown children and their children. He is always our first call. He comes to the house and sees everyone who is sick. It is so convenient and I feel we have his full attention. He always follows up on us. I can not recommend him highly enough.”

Patient Review


“I absolutely love the convenience of having MyDoc, the convenience of service brought to you is amazing. Professional, reliable, affordable, absolutely amazed!!!”

Denise,  College Station


“Not only is Dr. Richards a highly skilled and talented physician that holds himself to the highest standards of integrity and confidentiality, he also happens to be one of the most genuine and nicest people I have ever worked with in any clinical setting, ever. “

Amanda,  R.N.


“I’m so appreciative of Dr.Richards prompt and personable service. He knew how to figure out and treat what is ailing me and even had a sense of humor. I’ll definitely be using this amazing service again (hopefully not soon, no offense ha!) for myself and kids! Thank you!”

Katy,  College Station


“I worked with Dr. Richards and highly recommend him to provide care for you and your family.  I found him to be extremely caring and well prepared to determine the cause of, and provide and effective treatment for, any illness or injury you may have.”

Mark, R.N.


“Very convenient, very friendly, very professional. Highly recommend My Doc!!”

Katie,  College Station